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Corrosion & Insulation Staff Recruitment

International Manpower Resources - IMR is a registered recruitment agency in the highest category of recruiters and has been recruiting to meet the requirement of Indian manpower for its clients abroad.

With increased emphasis on oil exploration, extraction and refining, as also its further distribution through product pipelines has thrown up ample opportunities for putting up these structures and pipelines through corrosive environment. To protect these steel structures and optimize its working life, it is prudent to protect them with necessary insulations and protective coating. In refineries, petrochemical industries, power plants where hot gases and fluids are transferred need thermal insulation for energy conservation.

Lot of new opportunities have come up for our workers in this field and IMR have made special arrangements to ensure that the manpower recruited by us from India strictly match the requirement as projected by the client.

We have recruited a large number of workers for providing thermal insulation for air-conditioning ducts in hospitals, offices, industrial and domestic use.

  • Coating Inspectors
  • Coatings Technicians
  • Corrosion Engineers
  • Duct men
  • Fitters
  • Inspectors
  • Insulation Personnel
  • Painters
  • Painting Specialists
  • Thermal Insulation Staff


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