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International Manpower Resources –New Delhi, India, to provide a channel for the organized outflow of Indian manpower to the Middle East. The sudden upsurge in the economic activity of that region through discovery of oil and subsequent development of commerce and industry gave the further boost to the IMR philosophy. We realize that despite the numerous recruitment agencies in India, there was a need for a professionally managed recruitment agency and that the need was urgent. It is this very concern that brought IMR into existence.

Since the foundation of the company, our essential ingredient of overall philosophy has been to strive for excellence and be the primary provider of competitive, efficient and reliable resource solutions. The high regard in which we are held today bears testimony to the measure of success, we have been able to achieve.

A crucial element of our philosophy has been to establish trust and authenticity among our clients and among the people who make up our database. The Recruitment specialist, as we are known, is the results of our continued strive for excellence by providing the highest quality of service to our clients at the right time, with the right people and at a competitive price, a specialty for which we are internationally renowned recruitment company in India.
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