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IMRPL, seek your indulgence and offer a business proposal, which could be of the immense business interests to you. By way of self-introduction, we will like to state that we are Manpower Recruitment Company in India and have enjoyed a position of eminence in the field of recruitment of technical and non-technical personnel for undertakings abroad. We operate through a number of field units and associates in major cities in India.

IMR has over 20 years of experience in the field of recruitment and are approved by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt. of India. This authorizes IMR to recruit and depute unlimited number of personnel for assignments abroad.

As a prominent agency for recruitment of Indian manpower for work overseas, we have been active in the fields of construction, Engineering Projects, Oil & Gas, offshore Projects and Pipeline work, Building construction, Hospitality industry. While we provide Managers, Engineersand Supervisorsin various disciplines, we are equally proficient in meeting your entire requirement for Supervisors, Foremen, Highly skilled technicians and Skilled & Semi skilled staff in various categories.

With Globalization and policy of liberalization adopted by the Government, fresh opportunities are coming up. Multi-national companies are seeking business associates in India. We propose to extend our services in this field. In case you operate in the field of manpower recruitment, we make this proposal to you and would like to explore the possibilities of a business relationship between us, whereby we can work in association with each other for mutual benefit.

IMR Head Office at New Delhi is located in a commercial centre, well furnished, equipped with all communication facilities and office automation's. Experienced and proficient staff mans the office.

India has a large number of Institutes and Universities, turning our well-qualified and skilled persons. These large work forces get ample opportunities to have field experience in various industrial establishments here and after honing their skills are available to take up any challenging jobs anywhere in the world.

Indian workmen are well known for their skill, hard work and sincerity. They enjoy the excellent reputation of competence in trade and reliability. You may, therefore, like to recruit in India to meet all manpower requirements of your clients, and we could work with you, or on your behalf, to help you meet all your obligations to your clients.

Recruiting Indian manpower brings with it some in-built advantages in the shape of: -

  • Abundant and ready availability
  • Well qualified and experienced technical personnel. 
  • Good competence in trade
  • Sincerity, reliability and dependability
  • Very economical and cost effective
  • English is medium of instructions in most schools.
  • Our workers generally have fair knowledge of English for ease of communication. 
  • A large number of Indian workers have worked abroad, have experience of working in Multi-national environment and are again available to work abroad.

We have, of late, been recruiting for clients in Gulf countries, Middle East, Far East, EC countries, Africa and United States. Considering the vast opportunities in this field, and with plenty of scope for us to work together to tap the huge market for Indian manpower, we seek to have an association/alliance with you to work jointly, helping each other to make available the required manpower urgently and effectively.

Our association could be formalized as: -

  • Authorized Representatives
  • Joint Venture
  • Business Associates
  • Partnership or Retainer-ship basis.

Such services, rendered on behalf of each other could be on "Job basis" or on "One-off-fee" basis. The details could be worked out, discussed and finalized as and when the occasion arises.

We will like to have your reaction, should the idea appeal to you. Action can be taken to formalize and finalize business details, keeping mutual benefit as a guide.

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