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Aviation and Airport Staff Recruitment

International Manpower Resources – IMR is a premier manpower recruiting agency duly registered with Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt. of India, in the highest category of recruiters.

With the fast pace of business development, mobility of its key personnel becomes very important and travel by air, to save time, is only a corollary. The aviation or air travel got a major boost in the last few years and it has become important for supplementing effort in recruitment of personnel for airport management, bookings, maintenance of aircrafts and ground equipment causing significant rise in the engagement of workers in the aviation industry.

IMR having recognized the importance of aviation industry and requirement of the airlines in engaging suitable manpower in its different sectors geared itself to develop suitable in-house expertise to identify candidates matching client’s requirement.

Hiring suitable staff for this industry needs to be done very carefully where skill of the staff, their competence and technical expertise  has to ensure complete safety of the travelling public and ensure that the resources are profitably utilize to give the desired results. Our experts to conduct these selections keep in mind this responsibility to ensure that the staffs recruited is most suited for the job, cost effective and be available according to the manpower planning of the client.

We have conducted selections and recruited personnel in various segments of aviation industry for the complete range of client’s requirement for aircraft operation and handling sophisticated airport equipment staffs selected by us have discharged their duties with credit while engaged on United Nations& NATO projects and defence establishment requirements abroad.

  • Aeroplane Engine Fitters
  • Air Flight Crew
  • Air Ground Staff
  • Air Terminal Operation staff
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Aircraft Finishers
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Airfield Billeting
  • Airfield Equipment & Vehicle Maintenance
  • Airfield Lighting Engineers
  • Airframe Fitters
  • Airport Operations Managers
  • Airport Staff
  • Cargo Specialist
  • Computer Software Defence Personnel,
  • Dispatch
  • Electronics Personnel and
  • Fire-fighter
  • Flight Operation Staff
  • Passenger Driver
  • Passenger Specialist
  • Radar Engineers
  • Ramp Specialist
  • Structural Crew
  • Ticketing Staff
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