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Air-conditioning& HVAC Staff Recruitment

International Manpower Resources - IMR has been able to provide a very professional recruitment service in the field of air-conditioning, be it for commercial industrial or domestic needs. Our clients lay down the necessary standards and qualifications and at international manpower; it is our privilege to meet these challenges by way of skill and timely recruitment.

Controlling the environments, temperature, humidity has become an essential requirement of modern living standards. Even for precision machines the industry requires dust free atmosphere, temperature and humidity control to function affectively, cleaner environments with pleasant working conditions result in better performance by the workers.

Cold storage and chilling units have come up all over the world to preserve meat, fruits, vegetables, milk and most of other essential commodities, so that they could be drawn to meet fluctuating market demands.

The above developments require establishment of sizeable air-conditioning plants and call for suitable manpower to install, operate, maintain and repair with extensive developments in this industry, adequate skilled manpower of which IMR have been recruiting for its numerous clients all over the world. International Manpower Resources ensures that such recruitment is done to match exacting demands of various clients and the workers provided by us at various levels as engineers and skilled workers to fulfil the client’s manpower requirements.

  • AC Mechanics,
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Design Specialists,
  • Duct man,
  • Gas Fitters,
  • Heating,
  • HVAC Electricians,
  • HVAC Fitters,
  • Industrial Supervisors/Managers,
  • Inspection Officers
  • Installation Engineers,
  • Insulators,
  • Refrigeration,
  • Sheet metal,
  • Site Maintenance Personnel
  • Ventilating and General Plumbing
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